Torri’s Turkeys

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Four years ago tomorrow, Torri Burkey was killed in a tragic hunting accident. Today the Youth at Hardin Baptist Church honored her life by taking Thanksgiving meals to families in Hardin, and proclaiming the Savior she has been with for the past four years. Today was Torri’s Turkeys.



If you are among the blessed to have met Torri Burkey, you know her heart was as big as Jimbo. Torri loved serving and helping others, and that is why this Thanksgiving outreach event bears her name, because it reflects who she was. Torri loved people, and when people were with Torri they felt loved. She had a way of making you feel like your best self, like you were special, and in that spirit we marched through the streets of Hardin holding turkeys to impact others the way she impact us.

But today we didn’t just give out turkey’s in the name of Torri, because Torri would have hated that. Instead, we gave out turkeys in the name of Torri’s Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. And in the name of Jesus we proclaimed His life, death, and resurrection to as many who would hear us. Because at the end of the day, we didn’t want people to just have full bellies, we wanted people to have full hearts.

So in honor of Torri, and for the sake of Christ, today we went. We went so they might hear the same good news Torri once heard, so that they might choose Christ, as she once did. And so that one day they might live with Him forever, as she does today.

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One thought on “Torri’s Turkeys

  1. Thank-you, Hardin Baptist Church, for blessing the community with a tangible expression of God’s love through faith in his Son, from a sister-in-Christ in southern NH. HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND PHIL 1:1-11 TO Y’ALL!

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