Pastor’s Conference: Nicaragua (November 17-18)

I covet your prayers as I make final preparations for our upcoming Pastor’s Conference in Nicaragua. During this conference I will have the privilege of teaching 20+ pastors, whom Partners in Christ support and labor alongside for the sake the gospel. My broad teaching topic is Expositional Preaching and will cover reading, studying, and preaching all of scripture in light of the Kingdom of Christ. I am looking forward to this opportunity and I ask you to join me in praying for God to strengthen these pastors and strengthen His churches through their preaching. Below is a list of all the pastors and their churches.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 2.22.06 PM

  1. Manuel Flores / Iglesia Family Baptist Church
  2. Marvin Flores  / Koinonia Baptist Church
  3. Luis Bojorge    / Betania Baptist Church
  4. Ramiro López  / Bethel Baptist Church
  5. Adonis López   /Baptist Church Los Cedros.
  6. Omar Tellez     /Baptist Church Los Angeles.
  7. Yerild Rojas     / Baptist Church Filadelfia
  8. Luis Gutiérrez
  9. Jorge Brenes   / Baptist Church Berea
  10. Cairo López   / Baptist Church
  11. Franklin Mora /Missionary
  12. Francisco Mora/ Baptist Church Jerico
  13. Josué (el Cañón) / Baptist Church El cañon
  14. Marlon Mejia / church Gift of God.
  15. William Pérez / Baptist Church Cristo Rey
  16. Alejandro Prudencio / square Stone Church
  17. Carlos Padilla /Church of God, La roca
  18. Pablo Gaitán /FBC Nagarothe
  19. Jesus Orosco /Pastor Marvin new Leader. /Baptist Church Koinonia
  20. Miguel Ángel Mora pastor Marvin gest.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 2.21.54 PM

In addition to the Pastor’s Conference, Jimbo Burkey and I have several meetings planned and will be looking for various projects for our 2015 mission team to complete next summer.  Please, pray God would bless our efforts and give us clear vision and direction for next summer’s mission team.

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2 thoughts on “Pastor’s Conference: Nicaragua (November 17-18)


  2. Pastor Cunningham, I pray specifically for hearts to be fertile and tender, to receive and allow to take root relevant revelation knowledge of the Father, through the Son, concerning unity in the Body of Christ, and how pastors must and can help set the example of how to love God and one another according to His Word and by the power of His grace. I pray for Holy Spirit insight to be shed abroad in each individual heart which exposes spiritual blind spots hindering God’s Kingdom purposes, strengthens trust in the Father’s great faithfulness, and deepens intimacy with, love for, and obedience to Christ. Lastly, I pray for His anointing to flow through your teaching and preaching, by His power and might, through your yielded self. Mt 5:2…in Jesus’ Name and for His renown and because of Him…Erica Hagan’s Aunt Robyn (I sent a personal thank-you to you through FB -in that “other folder” because you do not know me-for celebrating Erica’s life. Your words helped the Lord redeem what that great defeated hacker of our souls took from us. My grief is now more sweet than bitter,… beauty, joy and praise now reside where ashes, mourning, and a spirit of heaviness did take precedence within me. Thank-you for fulfilling God’s call upon your life. You are a lovely laborer, a planting of the Lord, who helps us line our minds up with the truth of who we are in Christ Jesus,…a brother-in-Christ who helps us to see ourselves as trees of righteousness, so that the Father might be glorified. Isa 61:3 Thank-you for being this faithful laborer to my niece by way of Calvary’s Cross! Your faithfulness to share aspects of Erica’s testimony and tie her life into the redemptive, finished work of Christ, which encourage us in our walks with Him, is an act of faith that surely God is working together for good to prepare you to shine for Him and His Kingdom at this conference. Hallelujah and Praise the Lord!)

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