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Kory Cunningham

God our Father | 12 glorious truths

I have a really good father. I have never once doubted his love, care, or protection over me. He is a dad who always shows up and lets me know how proud he is of me. I hope you too have a good father, but maybe you don’t. Maybe your father doesn’t show up for

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Kory Cunningham

Notes on Spiritual Gifts, by Tom Schreiner

Here are some notes and highlights from my reading of Spiritual Gifts, by Tom Schreiner. In Spiritual Gifts, Schreiner explains his “nuanced cessationism” view of Spiritual gifts.  He argues from Ephesians 2:20, the church is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, and since that foundation is laid these gifts no longer remain–they

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You Are NOT David in the Story of Goliath

Tips for getting in the Word on the go

Leash yourself to the Holy Spirit


I wrote this children’s book as a Christmas gift to my children, but I think you will enjoy it too.

This books takes you through Matthew’s gospel in 25 days, originally written as a countdown to Christmas.

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