Nicaragua Pastor’s Conference in 30 seconds

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One thought on “Nicaragua Pastor’s Conference in 30 seconds

  1. Watching the 30 second video, I see the life of Christ in action in the Body of Christ through fellowship, through the faithful assembling of the brethren! The word “profitable” came to my spirit along with 2Tim 3:16, and so I used my concordance to look up “profitable”…

    Eccl 10:10 “…wisdom is PROFITABLE to direct.”
    Titus 3:8 “These things are good and PROFITABLE unto men (to affirm God’s truth constantly).”
    1Tim 4:8 “…but godliness is PROFITABLE unto ALL things…”
    2Tim 3:16 “All scripture is given by inspiration and is PROFITABLE for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”

    Hallelujah for the Holy Spirit Who blew like a wind through the conference,… teaching, guiding, loving on, edifying, touching, healing, redeeming…through the obedience and praises of the Father’s sons who chose to participate to know the Potter more intimately! They are more equipped to feed their sheep so they may be Jesus’ hands and heart in this lost world; to shine more brightly in unity as beacons of His saving grace, truth and resurrection power! I am rejoicing God’s will was done in His PROFITABLE way and in His PROFITABLE time to bring more PROFITABLE pieces of heaven down to this wounded earth! We have an awesome God!

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