Is it Easier to Share the Gospel on Facebook?


Is it easier to share the gospel on Facebook?

I love taking teams to Nicaragua because crossing cultures gets people out of their comfort zones. Often on these trips people share the gospel for the very first time, and I know one reason why.

It’s the translator.

A translator provides a gap between the person sharing and the person listening. Because of the language barrier, the message has to travel through a mediator to be heard and understood. The translator standing in the middle makes it easier to share.

My guess is technology has the same affect. For instance, it’s frightening to knock on your neighbor’s door and invite them to church, yet how easy is it to click the share button or send a text message saying, “Join me for worship this morning on facebook live!”

Technology is like a translator. It stands in the gap between you and your neighbor, and offers a bit more comfort then standing eyeball-to-eyeball. Does this mean we should not share the gospel in person? Of course not. We should and must. But it does mean in this strange moment of quarantine we have an opportunity to flex our evangelism muscles in a way that is less threatening than face-to-face.

I love Nicaragua mission trips because so many people share the gospel for the first time—through a translator. Then these people come home and usually continue sharing the gospel—without a translator.

I pray technology does the same.

Right now, from your home, see yourself as a digital missionary. Text and call your friends and neighbors. Send them facebook and IG messages. Invite them to “church” and ask if you can pray for them. Ask if you can answer any questions about the gospel. Start a conversation and let technology provide some comfort.

And then, when life gets back to normal, keep having those conversations—online and face-to-face.

Don’t waste this moment. Embrace technology like a cross culture translator—and start talking to your neighbors (and the nations) about Jesus. Because on the other side of your screen is a real human being who needs to hear good news. And your words, through glass, may be the way God brings them to himself.

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