How Funerals Wake Us Up.


There’s something sobering about funerals. It’s a place you have to keep your phone in your pocket long enough to sit, ponder, and think about the biggest questions of life (or death).

As the preacher begins eulogizing the deceased, you can’t help but fast forward to your own funeral and wonder what will be said about you. You contemplate how you will be remembered by the people who eat fried chicken while the grave digger covers you with dirt.

I often wonder how many people go to their graves having never lived. People who go to work, love their families, enjoy entertainment, and celebrate birthdays, yet never see the bigger story they were created for. 

But a funeral is a sacred hour that reminds us there is a difference between living and truly being alive.

Jesus said it like this, “ For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” (Matthew 16:25)

Here Jesus is inviting you to lose your life so you might find true life in Him. The exchange between simply breathing air and truly being alive. “Your life” is about writing your own story where all the words, sentences, and paragraphs are about you. “Losing your life” is about handing the pen to Jesus and letting Him write you into the story of His Kingdom that has come and is coming. 

Finding true life involves trading your story to find your place in the greater story God has been writing from eternity to eternity. The story where Jesus took your guilt and shame and gave you His righteousness through the cross, so you can live to glorify His name. This is the story of the universe that you were made for, the only story worth living.

So when the preacher stands up behind your casket and clears his voice, what words will come out of his mouth? Will the last paragraph of your life summarize a good story about you, or will it tell a better and greater story about the Kingdom of Christ?


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