Don’t Fumble the Faith


And all that generation also were gathered to their fathers. And there arose another generation after them who did not know the LORD or the work that he had done for Israel. 

Judges 2:10

In Judges chapter two, a generation dies, and the next generation walks away from the Lord. The dead generation were the sons and daughters of Joshua’s generation. They were the kids who watched God crumble the walls of Jericho and give the promised land to their fathers. They are now six feet underground, and their kids have no idea who God is. They fumbled the faith they were meant to pass on.

Your faith will not pass to your children through osmosis but through intentionality. Your kids will not know and love Jesus just because you do. Instead, they must be taught, shown, encouraged, and brought into the faith on purpose. Don’t assume they know what you know, teach them.

The children in judges became parents who fumbled the faith rather than passing it on. They assumed their kids would follow God without being told how. We can be guilty of the same. We can take our kids to church yet never teach them on the way, day by day, about the Living God who rules over all of life. We can pray they “get it” without telling them what “it” is.

Don’t fumble the faith to your kids. Pursue God in front of them. Read scripture to them. Pray with them. Talk about God in the everyday moments of life. Don’t assume they know God because you do. Assume they don’t, and take intentional steps to teach them. What will happen when you are laid six feet underground? Will your kids know your God and show your grandkids how to follow Him? Don’t assume they will. Make the handoff stick.

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