A Little Girl Making a Big Difference

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Last night my friend Olivia Smee (who is 8!) shared how she used her art skills to raise over $700 to support adoptions at the Hope the Binds banquet. Read her words and be inspired!

Hello! My name is Olivia Smee and I am the founder of Lovely Liv’s Cards. Lovely Liv’s Cards are handmade Christmas cards and they are beautiful! I started my card business two years ago and use the money I earn to help people. This past Christmas I chose to give the money earned to Hope That Binds. 

The reason I chose Hope That Binds is because they help people who are going to adopt a child. And someday I want to do the same thing. It is important that every child has a home and I want to help.

My friend Mrs. Kim adopted a child from China named Millie Joy and I got to meet her. She’s very special and funny. Her smile lights up my day. And I’m so glad she has found her forever home.

You can make a difference by buying my cards, participating in fundraisers, or just donating money!

It doesn’t matter how small you are, you can always make a difference!!!

My cards are mostly Christmas cards. But if you want a THANKS card or a HAPPY BIRTHDAY or a request just tell my dad Shawn Smee on Instagram.

Well, thank you for your support!


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