FREE Christmas eBook

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Download your FREE copy of 25 Days now! Click image to download for FREE from the iBook store. Don’t have iBooks? Download a PDF version for free or buy it on Amazon for your Kindle device for $0.99. I pray this 25 day devotional journey through the book of Matthew will help you stay connected to Jesus during this […]


Woman willing to save 7 years for a Bible.

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Would you be willing to save for 7 years just to buy a Bible? Let me introduce you to a woman who would. After day one of our Nicaragua Pastor Conference, we were able to take 36 pastors to a local Christian book store to buy books. Because of the generosity of one man, each […]


Plugged in.

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I landed in Miami, reached for my iPhone (that had been cut off from the known world for the last two hours), and the alarm bells began to sound inside my head because my battery was in the red! All at once the airport seemed like a dessert and I was a lone wanderer looking […]


You are more than your temptations

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Temptations are strong! They are not outside of us, they are from within us. Because they are within us, temptations can begin to feel like a part of us, they can begin to label and define us. Though your temptations may feel like the truest thing about you, they are not. You are more than […]