18 Ways to Show the Kingdom of God in Western Culture


How can the Church live out and proclaim the Kingdom of Christ in Western culture? Michael Goheen compiled a list in Introducing Christian Mission Today that I thought was both fantastic and convicting. It’s a people that have

  • Self-giving love in a world of self-Interest
  • Wisdom in a world of proliferating knowledge and information technology
  • Justice in a world of economic injustice
  • Creational care in a world of ecological destruction
  • Humility in a world of arrogant self-indulgent and self-centered behavior
  • Patience in a world of immediate gratification
  • Compassion in a world numbered by overexposure to violence and tragedy
  • Joy in a world dominated by frantic and hedonistic pursuit of pleasure
  • Thanksgiving in a world of entitlement
  • Self-control and marital fidelity in world saturated by sex
  • Truth (in humility and boldness) in world of uncertainty
  • Living moment by moment in God’s presence in a secular world
  • Generosity in world of consumption
  • Simplicity (of enough) in a world of excess
  • Forgiveness in a world of competition, violence, grudge and revenge
  • Praise in a world of narcissism
  • Hope in a world of despair and consumer satisfaction
  • Edifying communication in a world of destructive words
  • Commitment in a world of apathy

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