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Kory Cunningham

Is it Easier to Share the Gospel on Facebook?

Is it easier to share the gospel on Facebook? I love taking teams to Nicaragua because crossing cultures gets people out of their comfort zones. Often on these trips people share the gospel for the very first time, and I know one reason why. It’s the translator. A translator provides a gap between the person

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The lies we believe in the COVID-19 wilderness

The way we see the world is often wrong. We see what is happening right now–the coronavirus pandemic–and panic in isolation. We focus on current problems and miss God’s constant provisions. Israel did the same as they wandered through the wilderness for 40 years. A constant theme surfaces in the book of Exodus and Numbers. God

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How Death Brings Life (Numbers 35)

In Number’s 35, the Levites inherit land and cities that serve as a refuge to any person who accidentally kills another person. Yet there is one provision. The year the high priest dies the people in refuges cities are released and set free. The death of the high priest frees the condemned people. This seems

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